The Haunted – Episode 7

On hearing the news that her granny passed away, Thara packed her clothes with tears rolling down her cheeks, she started with her father to her uncle’s house for her Granny’s funeral. She couldn’t imagine her Grandma with flowers, laid down numb without any movement.She has reached the place. She saw her entire family there... Continue Reading →


Quarantined? Most of us have learned a new word ‘Quarantine’ this year! Like I did! The world got quarantined – Isolated to prevent the spread of the infectious disease COVID19. Indians are in a miserably panic state by this pandemic threat. Rather than being diseased, people started to worry about the post quarantine effects of... Continue Reading →

The Haunted – Episode 6

As Sri finished his snack, he searched for a place to wash his hands. He remembered that Padma asked him not to enter the house. So he decided to wash his hands in the tap at the sideway connecting the backside area. It was dark. He switched on the light and turned towards the sideway... Continue Reading →

CORONA – End of the decade?

Corona Virus! So-called COVID-19. What is that? Where does that come from? Is there an end to it? We all are fed up with all this news with a kind of fear and frustration of being locked up at home. But have you ever thought about something? The death rate of the world? The usual... Continue Reading →

The Haunted – Episode 5

Thara was leaning in a window in her grandma's room with a bit of happiness in her heart that there are no more worries about anything and she can be independent. Suddenly someone started to tap the window with a huge bang from her backside and she shouted with fear. Padma shouted from the hall,“What... Continue Reading →

The Blocked Way😣

Happily heard that Chinese President Xi is coming to Chennai with Modi. Sadly certain restrictions in our city routes accompanied it. ROADWAY BLOCKS! Why is that! No idea! Even for people who are blocking the routes! They don’t have any idea! Holiday declared for schools and colleges! Holy! But I’m a pity IT employee who... Continue Reading →

The Haunted – Episode 4

Thara was filled with fear even more than she was before. They started to head towards their house from the place. Thara was in fear and started to shout at her parents.“Please keep quiet Thara! The real game starts here! We are still in danger! Our neighbour had done some blackmagic to us! A satan... Continue Reading →

Traditional ethics!🥳

Traditional ethics! Tradition! The word! Many things are coming to our mind right! Our culture! Heredity! Olden days activity bla bla! Are we still following all those? No right! Not everything but few! Why are those practices followed the? Are our ancestors fools? We respect them! Some pray to them! Some follow and some not... Continue Reading →

The Haunted – Episode 3

That daring night when Jaya got shocked on seeing the cu halves of lemon with kumkum with liquid substance spread out in red colour. In fear he turned back to rush towards the door to enter his house. The moment he turned back the compound light got blasted because of voltage fluctuation which made his... Continue Reading →

God and Lord

God and Lord! Both are same right! Then why is it separated by 'and'? Thinking right? Some might had known some might had not got an opportunity to know! Actually both the terms are different! God is everywhere they say! Why are they worshiping him in different forms of idols? Then is God present only... Continue Reading →

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