The Haunted – Episode 6

As Sri finished his snack, he searched for a place to wash his hands. He remembered that Padma asked him not to enter the house. So he decided to wash his hands in the tap at the sideway connecting the backside area. It was dark. He switched on the light and turned towards the sideway and got shocked by noticing a huge burnt resemblance. What will an 8 years old boy do? He went inside the house and covered himself with bedsheets. Without knowing anything Thara came near him to ask why he didn’t play. He didn’t answer anything, he didn’t even see her face. Padma came home and Thara said to her that he is sad that you didnt give him enough chicken for him to eat and laughed like anything inorder to tease and irritate him like anything until he started to shiver with a high fever and his mouth started watering. After sometime Padma prepared him home made medicine for him, he didnt allow Padma near him where his eyes turned green and he removed his clothes and ran to the road. Padma and Thara shouted and ran after him to pulled him inside but they couldn’t. Jaya came that time to pull him home. Then they informed his parents regarding this and everyone rushed towards the hospital without knowing that he is scared by seeing something.

He was admitted to ICU as fever didn’t get low from 104 C even after intense medications. Everyone started to pray and then his mother tied him a religious rope from the temple and then the medications started to work. Slowly he started to recover. Then the hospital report said that the nerves in his brain got affected and he was sent to a psychiatrist. It was a tough time initially for the psychiatrist to treat him,

“I won’t go to Padma aunty home again! I won’t eat chicken again” busted out Sri.

“Doctor! God punished me! He sent Satan in front of me for eating chicken! I was scared!” said the Kid with a kind of fear.

The news was passed to Jaya’s family. They met an astrologer to know what is happening around. 

“It’s a Blackmagic,” said the astrologer.

“Even if you remove it your neighbour would make the Satan she sent active again for you”, “She wants to send you out of the area, You are the only one who questions her and she didn’t like that,” said the astrologer.

The family came back home with many numbers of questions in their thoughts. Why should we vacate our own house and shift to a rented house? Do we deserve to do that? With lots of confusion and thoughts, the family tied need leaves on both the entrances and stuck Lord Pictures wherever they could. The next day morning Jaya took water from the sea and sprinkled all over the house. 

It’s at 8 pm. Thara took her cycle and started to school. Her cycle tire was punctured. Her intuition said that something bad is happening. 

“I want to be at home! Something bad is happening around” said Thara.

“Finding reasons to skip your classes? Come ill drop you” said Jaya and he started his scooter.

Suddenly a call came to Jaya from her sister that his mom is unconscious and the ambulance has arrived and she wanted Jaya to come there.

“Pa! I said you right! Something bad is happening! Trust me! I could feel that” said Thara.

“I know about my mom! She will act sick just to see all her children together! I will go see her now! You go to attend your classes! Evening I will take you there” said Jaya.

Still her intuition tried to tell her something! She couldn’t attend her class mentally but physically alone she could. 

The bell rang! She came home! It was locked! Heard her father’s scooter sound! 

He looked so weak and dull!

“Why do you look so dull Dad? How is granny? Where is she? At home or at hospital? Which hospital?” she asked with fear seeing her dad looking dull.

“Pack one set of dress and come with me” said Jaya.

“Why? Where? Are we going to stay? But classes?” asked Thara.

“Your grandma passed away! I lost my mom! We need to attend the funeral!” said Jaya with heavy heart and tears filled in eyes.

“What? Granny!” Thara busted into tears along with his dad.

(To be continued…)

-Sujithra Jayaramanathan

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