Quarantined? Most of us have learned a new word ‘Quarantine’ this year! Like I did!

The world got quarantined – Isolated to prevent the spread of the infectious disease COVID19.

Indians are in a miserably panic state by this pandemic threat. Rather than being diseased, people started to worry about the post quarantine effects of staying home without a job. Not all the Indians are IT employees work at home right? So what do other people do staying home? What will happen to the production of food and other products when the process is paused? How many days are we going to use the products from the warehouse staying home? Are we going to die out of corona or die out of hunger? Or may be depression? People are worried!But people! Rather than thinking this as a World War, tune your minds and think this as a revolution of our Indian nation. Why not this might be a turning point for our country to become a developed one? Being at home! Isn’t that tough? Or do you think that is impossible? Being at home? Thinking about Corona and suffering from hunger without any kind of production? Am I sound like kidding to you or am I joking here? Think about something in between that!

Let me be clear enough!

A young Indian astrologer boy had already given a precaution about the virus. But not everyone considered his words. Now the same guy is giving a precaution that this virus threat would be till the end of June and then the world would be in silence like a ‘Silence after a cyclone’ kind of fear. The world would face another pandemic which is more dangerous than Corona and the world would be in trouble and there would be a disaster again this year December. The world would suffer in hunger, scarcity of food and many such disastrous situations. He adds up some ways to overcome that. Indians have stopped agricultural works and cultivation too. Generally, people would be working in agricultural lands in distance and he is letting us know that we are going to face situations because of stopping those.

I’m not here to support that Astro boy. But just think… why can’t he be right? He is just giving precautions and his points are valid. But won’t farmers be afraid to go to their lands? Then our food tomorrow without agriculture is a big question mark. How much food products do we save? But once all those stocks and the warehouses are emptied, where will we go? Preserved foods? And there we lose our immunity which will again cause us weak and it would be a way for many viruses like Corona to affect us. Why Indians are less affected by Corona than any other country? As I already said about it in the previous topic, it’s mainly because of our strong immune system which is purely because of our eating habits. But if we change our eating habits and start eating preserved foods and lose our immunity, then what would be the result? Tune-up and think about it! Even if we have money, where will we buy food and health?

But how people would get money staying at home? Even IT employees are in a threat of losing their jobs! Unlike Indian product companies, many Multi-National Companies have their headquarters abroad. And foreign countries are losing their lives and we already heard that  around 1 lakh people had lost their jobs around the world and so Indian IT employees of MNCs are in fear of losing their jobs too. Not all IT people are working from home. There are people at home without a laptop or desktop, their place in the project would be occupied by other working resources. What about the bench dudes out there? How would the company pay when it is in loss and out of production? The world itself in a loss. Let it be.

The post quarantine effects might be bad, but what is good in that? India might restrict foreign products to enter temporarily. India might restrict foreigners temporarily. Foreigners pay on hourly basis to MNCs and the employee gets only one part out of eight in that on an average so that there would be a buffer or a flexible resource in all the projects. Will the parent company pays extra without getting enough profit? Absolutely no! MNCs might lose its market. But there is a maximum possibility of increasing Rupee value. Give concentration to Indian products rather than searching for foreign products to use. We have enough goods here produced by us. Let’s support our Indian manufacturers and products.

Even if there is a suffering in fore coming days as to how the Astro boy said, let’s suffer for our betterment so that we would not suffer ever again! We can’t change the mind of our government for cultivation because there might be a reason for them to stop and they might be having an alternate plan too but being a consumer let’s think about future India and make this crisis to the future development of Indians.


-Sujithra Jayaramanathan.

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