The Haunted – Episode 4

Thara was filled with fear even more than she was before. They started to head towards their house from the place. Thara was in fear and started to shout at her parents.“Please keep quiet Thara! The real game starts here! We are still in danger! Our neighbour had done some blackmagic to us! A satan was sent to her house and you had seen that” said Jaya.Thara was horror stucked! “That! That! White resemblance! That day” she started to blabber.”Be calm Thara! They had given a remedy! We have to take some amount of sea water from beach early morning and in temple they had given a religious water! We need to sprinkle it all over our house in ragu kalam! Ragu kalam is the best time to move it out of our house it seems!” said Padma.All there remained silent after that. They reached home with a fear to enter. Jaya directly went to beach and came back home with water. The family waited for ragu kalam to arrive. Its time! Jaya mixed both the waters into a single bottle! A white gas started to come out of the bottle!”Dad! It’s just water right! Why the gas! These things scaring me! May be that water really has power! Oh God!” Thara started to shout.”Padma! Take her away! Already I’m tensed here! She is making me to shiver!” Jaya started to shout.He started to sprinkle it all over their house! Started from hall then to the kitchen! Then he slowly headed towards his mom’s room then to the backside space! Then to the side areas! He turned and headed towards backside door to get in the house! He observed a wind sound in a area where there is no ventilation! Wet clothes started to move hardly out of air! There is no way for air to get to that area! He rushed inside with fear!”Dad! See the clothes how it’s moving! I think the soul is moving out! Thara shouted.”Calm down! Everything is going to be fine!” said Jaya.After enormous sound, the house remained silent after some time.”We are safe now” said Jaya.After sometime Thara started analysing the root cause for all the problems in their house. She remembered a fine day she came back from her college she saw her mom Padma being very sad and every moment started to picturize in her memory! She almost went deep there.”What happened to you mom! why are you this sad” she asked.”We and our neighbour were like same blood bonding species, you know that! but those things had broken now! The problem was serious now! A small argument went on so big! I didn’t think that ego clash would cause this much problem! That man brought a knife to stab your father! He is a crap! Threatening us! But your dad didn’t!”Where Thara got shocked, “What? Knife? But that uncle was a good human being” she asked.”All are good before ego could come out! I called my brother, my dad and dads brother too for support today afternoon! And they came too” said Padma with an aggressive note.”Grandpa? Grandpa too came?” asked frustrated Thara.”Yeah! Then police too! Now we need to go to the police station, already police took our neighbour man and that women with them! We need to go now for the talk! We were waiting for you to come! Be with grandma we will come soon bye!” said Padma.Thara started to recollect everything and started to think the good days”Why they are going to do the black magic to us! Ain’t they that bad! They have been so sweet to us!” she started to think sitting and leaning in a window in her grandma room with a bit happiness in her heart that there is no more worries about anything and she can be independent.Suddenly someone started to tap the window with a huge bang from her backside and she shouted with fear.

(To be continued…)

-Sujithra Jayaramanathan

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