The Haunted – Episode 5

Thara was leaning in a window in her grandma’s room with a bit of happiness in her heart that there are no more worries about anything and she can be independent. Suddenly someone started to tap the window with a huge bang from her backside and she shouted with fear. Padma shouted from the hall,
“What happened Thara?”
“Nothing Mom!” she replied after seeing a blur camphor light through the window realizing that her dad is doing some religious kinds of stuff there.
She calmed herself! Leaned back towards the window! Took her book and started to read! Suddenly someone tapped the window with a huge bang again!
“Maa!” she shouted. Padma rushed to the room.
“What happened again?” she asked.
“Dad is threatening me from the backside space,” she said.
“What? Dad still didn’t reach home” said Padma with a shivering voice.
Then Padma convinced Thara that it was her imagination and everything got fine.
Thara refused to be in that room and rushed to the other room.
The next day one of the two tenants said that they are moving out. Jaya wanted to know the reason for their sudden change in place.
“According to the agreement you have to inform me before 2 months right? You didn’t even tell me a word?” asked Jaya.
“I’m sorry sir! We can pay double the amount that you are asking! Please don’t question us” said the tenant.
Jaya felt something fishy and wanted to know the reason so he kept trying to pull words from their mouths. Then after a huge talk, they slowly started to say,
“Sir yesterday my daughter was playing at the terrace while my wife was drying the clothes! Suddenly she went near the wall and tried jumping down! By God’s grace, my wife saw that! She ran towards her and tried pulling her”
“You had seen my daughter! She is so small! She will be around 35-40kgs only! Myself, my wife, my brother and my wife’s brother Sir! Everyone tried pulling her from the place telling not to jump! It was difficult!”
“She constantly murmured ‘I need to jump! I need to jump! I need to jump!’ and nothing else”
“It was a great task for all of us to bring her down!”
“She weighed normally when she was brought outside the gate! There is something inside the house Sir! I can pay you how much you want! We need our daughter Sir!” said the tenant.
“How is she now?” asked Jaya.
“Yeah! She is fine! Sorry, Sir! Heard that you aren’t home or else I would have informed a day before” said the tenant.
“Take care,” said Jaya with hundreds of thoughts running on his mind.
He remembered Thara telling the same that she feels like someone asking to take the knife and stab herself kinds of stuff. He started to worry much with thoughts running on his mind! What if Thara too had a weak mind like the tenant child. He couldn’t conclude anything.
Jaya asked Thara about it.
“That day you said that something was bothering you? Something is making you kill yourself? Some voice?” asked Jaya with confusion.
“Dad! That’s an old thing! Yesterday someone tapped the window! I saw a camphor light through the blurred window! This is different! You should sprinkle the holy water again! This one is huge and hefty! Black in color with its left hand bent to its back! This walks slowly! It’s a burnt one! Scarier!” said Thara.
“Thara! Go do your homework! Always telling something and scaring others” shouted Padma from the kitchen.
Jaya went to the kitchen and narrated Padma about everything. Padma was much worried.
“I thought everything is fine now! I brought my sister’s son Sri at this time! He is playing outside” said Padma.
“Tell your sister that the problem is not solved and ask her to take him home,” said Jaya.
“Okay I will go to the temple and come before my sister reach here,” said Padma.
Before leaving to temple, Padma bought chicken for Sri.
“Today is full moon day! Don’t take this inside the house! Finish eating and play! I will be back in an hour!” said Padma.

Sri nodded his head. He finished his snack and he searched for a place to wash his hands. He remembered that Padma asked him not to enter the house. So he decided to wash his hands in the tap at the sideway connecting the backside area. It was dark. He switched on the light and turned towards the sideway and got shocked by noticing a huge burnt resemblance. What will an 8 years old boy do?

(To be continued…)

-Sujithra Jayaramanathan

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  1. AaurthiVinod says:

    Damn 🔥 this episode was lit……I could totally feel myself being there to witness the haunting😮 great!😎

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Aaurthi! 😄


  2. S A K T H I says:

    Superb dii sema 👌👌👌👌 some lines enaku purila … Confuse aaiTen …!!


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