The Haunted – Episode 3

That daring night when Jaya got shocked on seeing the cu halves of lemon with kumkum with liquid substance spread out in red colour. In fear he turned back to rush towards the door to enter his house. The moment he turned back the compound light got blasted because of voltage fluctuation which made his fear to increase more and he ran towards the door and got dashed on his legs. His legs started to bleed. Padma’s fear started to increase, “Bad things started to happen, I can’t tolerate this anymore! Let’s move out from here” said Padma with agitated fear. Horror stuck in his face Jaya was not even able to swallow anything. “Why all these things happening to us” the family started to worry upon.

Slowly time passed. Thara woke up and asked her mom,

“Maa! When should I get ready for the temple?”

Padma without even uttering a word looked at Jaya.

“Dad! What happened?” asked Thara seeing his horror stuck face.

“Let’s leave in sometime! Get ready!” he said.

They three headed towards the temple. Before that Jaya informed to the temple administration that they have a problem and they are coming there.

They met a lady in the temple with yellow saree and a big bindi in her forehead, Padma said “You know Thara! Even doctors said that I won’t get a baby! But she did a pooja and because of that you are here! She is so powerful! Go get blessings from her!”

Thara touched her feet and got blessings. The pooja started. They would make souls to enter into them and make all the rituals. They practiced that way. They made Amman to enter into her and started to tell them everything what all they are undergoing. “Its all because of your neighbour! Because of the misunderstandings! Blackmagic! Where is the rangoli” the lady with soul on her gave a loud voice. The devotees over there started to draw a big rangoli before the Amman statue and started to apply kumkum on cut halves of lemon and fired camphor on every cut pieces of lemon n rangoli and one of them pulled Thara and made her to sit on the burning camphor on the rangoli. They applied vibudhi on her forehead and removed her hairband and made her hair free. Padma and Jaya started to shout with a fear. The devoteed shouted “Dhrishti” they took coconut and fired it and showed in front of Thara and thrashed it onto the floor. They took a hen alive and squeezed its head above Thara head and made the blood to ooze out on her head. “Oh God! The ghost seems to be less scary that all these rituals” Thara murmured herself. Suddenly they pulled her up and pushed her to their right and asked her to take a head bath there and throw off the clothes she is wearing in the big pit next to the bath area and leave the place without turning back.

Thara was filled with fear even more than she was before. They started to head towards their house from the place. Thara in fear started to ask her dad and mom, “Dad! Mom! What is happening around! I can’t even understand! Why I was made to sit on the running rangoli! My back got burnt a minute! Dhrishti they said! So then is it my illusion? Everything is fine now right? Talk something please! Why are you both being silent” Thara shouted at their parents.

Padma and Jaya starred at each other and Jaya said “You will be in peace don’t worry”.

“We aren’t in danger anymore right? I can understand what she was telling! She wasn’t clear! You were talking with them when I wasn’t nearby right!” asked Thara.

“Please keep quiet Thara! The real game starts here! We are still in danger! Our neighbour had done blackmagic! A satan was sent to her house and you had seen that” said Jaya.

To be continued…

– Sujithra Jayaramanathan

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