God and Lord

God and Lord! Both are same right! Then why is it separated by ‘and’? Thinking right? Some might had known some might had not got an opportunity to know! Actually both the terms are different! God is everywhere they say! Why are they worshiping him in different forms of idols? Then is God present only in those forms? Then why do they say God is everywhere? Which one to believe and which one to ignore? Confusing right! To be precise! Don’t ignore anything! Rather formulate! Am I still confusing? Let me explain things! These castes, religions, creeds arouse certain decades ago! So God also arouse decades ago? Then before? Hasn’t he alive before human could evolve? Funny right! God is everywhere! The top most power who controls, manages and decides everything when, where, why and who should to act upon what for each and every species around us! Karma will act upon!Lord? Our ancestors! We would say ‘Kula Dheivam’ in Tamil! For each and every family they would have a temple they go often to worship! If you don’t know ask your parents or grandparents! You would probably come to know all those! Decades ago your generation evolved from them! That’s why we were worshiping them! They have power because they didn’t rest in peace for millions and millions of years and still there soul exist to protect there generation. That’s they call Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus and not God. They were once alive like us and still there souls are around us to protect us. If you worship them they will help you up-to some extent! They were also once humans! That’s why all the worships! I’m not supporting all the wrong believes here! People imposed many things in the name of Lord! They never asked you for that! Genuine respect to them is enough! Their blessings makes a big difference! Go to the temple your sins will get washed away they say! Actually is that all true? How do they actually say that? Olden days they don’t have a means of transportation! They will pray that i will travel this distance to meet your idol in temple please help me this! Kinda things! They walk miles! There might be a chance of suffering without water and food! Roads wont be proper! They will voluntarily wash their sins that way so that the sin count would be reduced! They believed that way and there is a genuinety in that believe! But what is going on today? They are booking the tickets! Travelling with ease and visiting to places! Is that going to reduce the sins? There were reasons for every single thing that we don’t know! Our ancestors weren’t fools to follow certain things! And so us! People misunderstood meanings and added on fuel things and started imposing in the name of ancestors! I think I’m out of topic! Will discuss the meanings later! But the Lord and God! Hope I made it clear rather than confusing more!

– Sujithra Jayaramanathan

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