CORONA – End of the decade?

Corona Virus! So-called COVID-19.

What is that? Where does that come from? Is there an end to it? We all are fed up with all this news with a kind of fear and frustration of being locked up at home.

But have you ever thought about something? The death rate of the world? The usual death rate of our country? The accident rate per day? The number of natural deaths per day in our country? The number of accident deaths per day? Do you think the average death rate of India exceeds the deaths caused by Corona? Why are we so much worried? Did the media make us this way? Suppose if media had focussed much on accident and road safety, will those things would have been reduced or what? Just think? Why are we so much cautious about Corona alone? Fear is on our lives or the disease? We are in the fear of losing our lives I suppose! Then is this virus is the only way that will cause death to us? Absolutely no! And we all know that! I’m not here to ask you not to be afraid. I just want to make you realize that people don’t have much awareness about many such pandemic things happening around the world. We need to be cautious all the time.

Many rumours along with truths are spreading around as cautions and jokes. We all know China was on the top in international trade but he didn’t allow other countries to enter into China. No one came forward to question him. But then Trump came forward. So China allowed one of his states for another country trade and then he released the COVID 19 virus in that market so that the entire world would get affected and everyone will have the fear to enter them. People who protested against were killed and they added the death count that they have Corona. This might be a rumour! It might be the actual truth! Who knows? But how did he control the spread? People say that affected peoples were locked together and burnt so that it won’t be further spread. India won’t take such decisions so stay home rather than suffering in ICU. We are in our incubation period. Other than roaming around and washing hands do stay home and be alive. Stay home and save the world rather losing your life in this World War. What if you touch a place where the virus exists? What if the virus sits on the other side of your mask and travels home? What if your neighbour has the virus and no one knows that?

Death is not the only fear! People are going to die one day! But do you deserve that now? Close your noses with your fingers and try to breathe! Are you able to do so? That is how you going to suffer when the virus hits you. You all would already know its symptoms and seriousness but why aren’t you still making the count high?

Like the birth and death of human beings and animals, these viruses also have their life spams in this world. Don’t dare to think that this world is not meant for them! Have you heard something? The ozone layer is healing itself! Because humans are locked down! Animals are happy with lesser population inroads. Do you think that viruses exist only in this century because its human created? But how could humans create a living thing called a virus without nature’s support? Viruses exist in nature! Humans build them and give them the power to destroy! Viruses are born and they die like us but power is given by humans to destroy others, protect others and for various purposes.

Then why it doesn’t affect our ancestors?

Our ancestors had many trees around them which made them inhale pure oxygen with lesser nitrogen and helium content and the carbon dioxide they exhale easily gets converted back to oxygen. Do we do that? Do we have trees and plants around us? NO!

Our ancestors had hens, cattle’s and many pet animals with them, which ate all the dead, rotten and all earthworms around them which doesn’t have the chance to cultivate or spread germs or viruses instead of injecting medicine for hens to grow, they ate healthy meat. They worked in fields and they naturally possessed a high immune level.

Heard of applying cow dung all over the floor? Applying turmeric to all the entrances? Having a neem tree all over?

All these ancient practices are coming back again as it proved that it is the best among all. Other countries started to ask help from India as India has the highest rate to cure Corona patients. It’s a proud moment for us. It is all because of our ancient practices of consuming pepper, turmeric, neem leaf, ginger, garlic, etc. These days making family spend time with each other. Ancient games are coming back, people are playing that.

Why can’t you stay home and spend time with family and entertain yourself home for a few more days rather get diseased and make them cry long?

Let Corona go but not the lesson it thought us!

Corona thought us who are with us! What is essential for us! Not the luxury or trip but food to eat and our family!

With or without Corona stay away from people for a happy life!


– Sujithra Jayaramanathan

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