The Blocked Way😣

Happily heard that Chinese President Xi is coming to Chennai with Modi. Sadly certain restrictions in our city routes accompanied it. ROADWAY BLOCKS! Why is that! No idea! Even for people who are blocking the routes! They don’t have any idea! Holiday declared for schools and colleges! Holy! But I’m a pity IT employee who needs to use the OMR road every day! Heard that roads would be blocked after 11:30 morning! Headed to the office! The roads seemed to be wowie clean and clear! No traffics and no chaos! Reached office earlier than usual! Won’t the roads be this always?
My thoughts changed upside down while returning! It’s 7:30 pm! GoogleMap said that the usual OMR route has been blocked and it guided me with a route that is 3 times the usual route! Managed to drive! Stuck up at Velachery! It’s 8:15. I saw a huge crowd opposite to Kamatchi Hospital in the 200 feet Radial Road towards the OMR route. With no other go, I joined the crowd! A Policemen over there said that the roads will be unblocked at 9 pm. The crowd got increased in its strength. It’s at 9 pm. The crowd started to shout! Horn loud! No response from the cops! They said that the road will be unblocked at 10 pm. I saw a baby crying nearby! Heard the baby wasn’t well and they had come to the hospital. An old lady over there was struggling to pass urine! She couldn’t find a place there! She couldn’t even go back! Heard a sudden Siren sound under the bridge! The crowd started shouting loud and didn’t stop to horn until the Siren sound was off! “Are you going to protect someone else’s life and sacrifice the public’s life?” the crowd shouted! The crowd was tensed! Later news started to spread in the air! Someone made a call to an ambulance and the ambulance was not able to start from its place and so the Siren stopped its sound! That stuck my heart! What if the sufferer is someone known to me! Why should they suffer! The phone got switched off without battery! Not able to inform home! Heard that its 10 pm! Someone from the crowd took an initiative! “Please everyone get down from your vehicle! It’s been 3 hours! Let’s ask them”. Only a few supported him! “What will we do Sir! We have no benefit blocking you! Once we get the order, we will unblock the way!” said the cop. Happy that the cop helped the public by providing water bottles! Yeah humanism exists! But not everywhere here!

Who is the command giver here? Who gives the order? Why is the roadblock? Our National Anthem says that we are all equal! Are we treated that way? The leaders are chosen to protect us! To Guide us! To make our life better! They are our chosen representatives to do good deeds! What the system is doing? Are we treated well? A problem solver should have experienced the problem! Do they? Do you think they would know the pain experienced by the old lady suffering to pass urine? The sick baby suffering for food? Or the unknown person suffering from an Ambulance to reach the hospital? I had heard that Kings of decades would visit his region in different appearances and live with people as an unknown person to feel the pain of people so that he can do good deeds for his betterment! Is that happening now a day? We have beautiful traffic with wonderful chaos every day! We have worked! We have emergencies! The entire incident every day would depict a fantastic story! When will those leaders learn all those? Without even knowing the actual problem how do we trust that it will be solved? We are all humans! God created us equally! Why the difference? Why aren’t we treated well? This is the point where complex starts! What will a small child observe from this? Open your eyes! I couldn’t spoon-feed all the problems! This democratic city making us happy dependent persons! Open your thoughts wide! A single pen couldn’t change suffering like us!

-Sujithra Jayaramanathan

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