Traditional ethics!🥳

Traditional ethics! Tradition! The word! Many things are coming to our mind right! Our culture! Heredity! Olden days activity bla bla! Are we still following all those? No right! Not everything but few! Why are those practices followed the? Are our ancestors fools? We respect them! Some pray to them! Some follow and some not with and without knowing the reasons! What is tradition actually? Many debate on that many fight for that without even realizing humans inner feeling and emotions!Lets talk about everything right now! From the baby to old-age and to death! Why the followed certain things and why we are still following without meaning! A baby is born we are applying make up on the babies face! We would blame for kajal and say its a tradition! What tradition is here? For of all they followed that way to show the baby ugly to avoid dhrishti as many people would visit to see the baby by applying a huge bindi on forehead and cheeks etc etc out of charcoal from wood! What are we doing these days? Making the baby more cute such a way that attracts more dhrishti! They wore anklet to small kids because the parents will know by their foot sound where are they! Are they nearby or away! We would say wearing more jewels to be pride right? You know something? Millions of years ago when human species faced a lot of difficulty to find food and shelter because of forest fire they lost their houses and they wanted to migrate! Those time male species were considered superior and female was dominated by male! They were made to carry the metals on their heads, necks and so on! Female were considered as slaves to carry their assets so that it wont be lost! Think about today’s state! We consider it as our traditional pride!If suppose I’m telling something to you and you are telling the same to someone you know and so on! The fifth or sixth person might got more information or less information may be with different context but not the exact information! We are decades ahead now! We might had not known the exact thing! They used animal skin as cloth and later cotton after so many years! They could only cover their body like how men wear vesti! Female needed some more amount of vesti to cover their upper body and then the name saree just to cover their body! Now that’s considered to be our tradition and those who doesn’t wear seem to be non traditional! Grow up people! Those days there wasn’t any technology or invention! They had none other go! They need to ear those! There is no tradition in these! Women was asked not to step out at nights after 6 pm! You know why? It’s because they are females? Is that? Totally foolish! Females do have periods cycle! Someone can’t say don’t go out during those cycles so that bad vibration will be more or bad souls would affect you or follow you! They were asked to stay away and carry some iron with them so that no bad souls would follow them home! Now a days it got changed! Girls shouldn’t be out after 6 pm! Yeah may be parents would be afraid of all rapes and murders! I think I’m out of topic! Let’s not talk about it now!Hope you would had read the topic “Karma” where I had said about the jenmams! If suppose its your last jenmam it’s said that you would hear a conch(sangu) sound permanently on your ears! That’s why they raise that sound on deaths stating that you had left your life without hearing all these at-least in your next life please search for a body such a way you will fulfill all your needs and hear the sound! As it is believed that the soul would stay in its own funeral and watch its body! The sound would roam around for 24 hrs and come back to its body and watch its funeral! That’s why they would ask to keep the body though out a night where the dead person lived! Let’s talk about this later in brief! There isn’t any ice box those days! Dead bodies would start to decay soon! To avoid smell flower garlands were used with agarvathi and rose water! They would bury them in graveyard which would be far away from their house! Animals might enter and take the dead body as they can smell them! In order avoid animals they would burn crackers and all those drums were played!We have a strong traditional practices with lots of rich meanings which we have to be proud of! Some are practiced and some are left! Let’s research more about our own tradition and talk later about this if I get anything more! If you want me to research about anything please leave a comment below!👇

– Sujithra Jayaramanathan

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