Karma ๐Ÿ”„

Karma? What is that? Like all say by the tagline “WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND”? Is that? That’s it? Actually in precise YES! But! Have you ever wondered why good things happening to bad people and bad things happening to good people? Have you ever got frustrated why Karma is not happening at that moment? Have you ever cried to God for all those moments? Majority would say ‘Yes’ to that, including me! But why all these things are happening? We would say ‘I haven’t done anything bad to anyone, I haven’t even thought bad things to anyone! Then why all the bad things happening to me!”, Yeah! We might! I repeat We might! But we aren’t sure we haven’t. Because we would had done something unknowingly too! There are chances right? We might ask! Why should I get a punishment for something I haven’t done knowingly? I would had just taught a lesson by God or destiny! I would say! To God and destiny we are same and the mistakes are mistakes! There is no difference between knowningly done or unknowingly done! If you hurt someone by your words! Someone else will probably hurt you by words! We would say Karma! Karma is teaching you! The next time you would make a pause to hurt someone! There Karma won! And so us! To be someone better!

Have you heard something about “jenmam”? For sure everyone would had! About 7 jenmam a human would live and if he is in his 7th jenmam there is no life for him! Have you heard about all these? Actually its not 7 lives of 7 times we would be born in earth! Its like 7 sset of lives! First set a soul would be born as a 1 sense species! And once the species is satisfies with its life then its next jenmam would be 2 sense species! The species might get satisfied by living once or else for a million times too to upgrade to next sense! But probably they will get satisfied soon as their senses are less! Majority of humans are in 6th jenamam and only few in 7th jenamam who are the one attained sprituality! Lets not go deep! Will talk about all those later! Why I pulled these here is, there is something called as ‘Karmavinai’ and ‘Jenmavinai’ in tamil! Have you heard about it? Results and effects of your Karma and Jenmam which we always get confused! Able to relate? Every soul has a purpose in this world for why its born! Why are we here born? To live happily! Are we really happy? Some are! Some aren’t! We wish! We get disappointed! We laugh! We cry! We enjoy! We suffer! We learn! We unlearn! Not every soul rests in peace! If someone passes away! Why are we using the tagline ‘Rest In Peace’ or ‘RIP’? What is the exact meaning for that? The soul would had wished something its whole life right? Only if its satisfied it will rest in peace, that is its last jenmam. If not it will search for a perfect body to satisfy all its wishes! Even for washing away its sin it needs a body which suffers! For being happy it needs a body that enjoys! The soul chooses our body to live this life! We have a purpose of living! If we fail we will be born again and start our life freshly! Lets not go deep into it! On precise! The sins we commit will continue! The good deeds we do will continue! To our own next life and also to our next generation! Even DNA contains all these Karma! Do a sin! Your child will suffer! And you are going to suffer in your next life too! We are not going to sense our next life! Probably most people dont belive in Karmas so ancestors just say that sins and good deeds would affect our child too! Why evil things? Why bad thoughts? If everyone are good! If everyone are happy! Then life would be bored! There wont be anything for us to learn! Only flaws will give us lesssons to learn! If there isn’t any flaw human species would had got satisfied with its living and gone into extinction! Funny right? Think! People are good! People are bad! Everything for a reason! HAVE A HAPPY LIFE!!!๐Ÿ–ค

-Sujithra Jayaramanathan

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  1. Your “Jenmam” concept is really cool! Inga tan first time padikren. Really good!

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    1. Thank you Kavin! Keep supporting ๐Ÿ˜Š

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